Build new ways.

Trading was the first social technology of modern civilization. We build products and tools that evolve and revolutionize e-commerce globally.

We’re redefining commerce

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Front row of a full audience watching a keynote and smiling.

We don’t work alone.

We’re part of a powerful ecosystem of tech, marketing and design companies that develop innovative products globally using our technology.

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A view from the back of the audience with 200+ people watching VTEX's co-founders on the stage. Screens show VTEX Partner logo.

New perspectives

We experiment with new ways to work, new team compositions and workflows all the time. We believe in an organizational structure that eliminates the need for managers, bosses or any kind of formal hierarchy.


In this open and hierarchy-free environment, each team has full autonomy to define their product’s future and the responsibility to self-manage efficiently. This make us value peer accountability about product evolution and lessons learned.


Extraordinary things happen when we dare to bring our full selves to work. We believe that everyone must be encouraged to live fully in our time here. Bring your passions, strengths, failures and vulnerabilities.

Evolutionary purpose

Our most valuable principle is evolution. We strive to do better every day. With peer support we become not only a better company nor better professionals, we become better people every day.

People sitting on VTEX Rio office's grandstand attending to the weekly alignment event
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Our purpose is clear but fluid. It evolves following the energy of everyone who contributes with hard work and guides the company direction. There are n ew opportunities everywhere: any idea has the potential to change our path.

Two guys discussing work over notebooks at a collab and people working on the background.

Made in Rio

Though we have offices around the world our product team chose to stay together in Rio. The result of the cultural mix, the city's atmosphere, lifestyle and the easygoing way of cariocas is what makes Rio unique.

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of beaches

And we can’t forget to mention that we have plenty of stunning landscapes and pretty much the most beatiful sunset you’ll ever see.

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